Program overview

The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio aims to prepare a mechanical engineer characterized by strong design skills, by the use of the most recent innovations in mechanical design methodologies, in materials choice and optimization, in new technologies, in modern and advanced production facilities, focusing on automation and optimization aspects of processes, energy management and environmental preservation. The degree is intended to train highly professional and competent technicians, able to work in the productive field, in Research and Development.
The program is aimed at talented students possessing a Bachelor's Degree (or a first-cycle degree equivalent to the Italian Laurea) in Mechanical Engineering or in Industrial Engineering.

Top Reasons to choose us

1) Scholarships and benefits for talented students
2) Student mobility within Europe
3) Friendly and stimulating learning environment
4) Close interaction with your professors
5) You’ll be prepared for a global career
6) Close to Rome, Naples, and many other Italian famous spots

The MSc in Mechanical Engineering has a workload of 120 ECTS credits. The first three semesters contain both core courses (mandatory for all students) that lay the foundation for the remainder of the program, and elective courses that can be selected according to the student’s preference. The last semester is dedicated to an internship experience and to the thesis. The final exam consists of the public defense of the thesis; the thesis is a carefully-argued scholarly paper, written under the guidance of an advisor, which gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise in the chosen research area. More information about the MSc in Mechanical Engineering are available at the following link:

A PDF presentation of the MSc in Mechanical Engineering is available here: MSc_MechEng_program.pdf

Presentations of elective subjects are available in the following: